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“Oh, Grandma! The Boom in Selling Vintage Underwear Online”
By Alaina Demopoulos

Olivia Capierseho just turned 24 and lives in Miami Beach, Florida. This December marks her third year running Ivia Retrò, where she hawks vintage lingerie, plus other clothes and handmade swimsuits. She’ll travel two hours to hit up promising thrift stores, and spends about three hours sifting through stock.

Model-tall with a “Bella Hadid body,” as a shopper recently raved in an Instagram comment, Capierseho usually poses in lingerie before she sells it. She stands in front of a cream lace backdrop, torso in frame, head just cropped out, wearing nightgowns or bodysuits like a classical bust dressed for a night out at Studio 54

“I think part of the brand’s success is my personal style, and the way I model it helps to sell the pieces a lot,” Capierseho said. “I do this full time, and it’s just me right now. In the future, I want a full crew to help.” She usually spends a day shooting 10 to 15 items with her camera placed on a tripod. 

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"The Mad Dash to Buy Vintage Clothes on Instagram"
By Alexandra Stratton and Kim Bhasin

"Ivia Retrò, an online shop started in late 2016 by 22-year-old Brooklyn student Olivia Capierseho, gets about two-thirds of its business from the account’s 7,000 or so Instagram followers, rather than from its own website, she said. Her Instagram page feels a lot like a store because it relies heavily on visuals and makes discovery easy by way of hashtags. Almost all of the followers are women from 18 to 24, Capierseho said."

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"How to Buy Vintage on Instagram Like a Pro"
By Courtney Costello

"How did you get started in the vintage game?
I was selling pieces from my wardrobe on Depop and I listed this vintage '80s windbreaker I bought back in high school at a thrift store for $3 and ended up selling it for $30. I realized I could do this at a much larger scale.

It seems the vintage-Instagram shop business is exploding. How do you plan to expand upon this, or is it more of a hobby?
My goal is to grow into a brand with good ethics that focuses on and embodies the beauty and liberation of the modern woman. I'll always sell vintage, but someday I would like to sell original pieces made ethically in the U.S. at a larger scale."  

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"Vintage Shops to Follow on Instagram”

Ivia Retrò describes itself as “Vintage for the Modern Bella,” and I would not be surprised to see Marzia from Call Me by Your Name in any of these pieces. The shop’s style strays towards the feminine and one can often find retro bikinis or floral maxi skirts amidst the staples of vintage shopping: old blue jeans and a tied-up men’s shirt.”

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